• Drive to photography locations. Travel is required in most territories.

• Arrive at the location of scheduled photography in a timely manner

to prepare for the arrival of customers.

• Set-up photographic studio, calibration of equipment, marketing display set-up.

• Transfer or assist with transfer of photographic studio, marketing displays

and viewing station to host/church location.

• Deliver an exceptional experience for each customer beginning with a warm greeting, explanation of what they should expect and gaining an understanding of their expectations. 

• Gain an understanding of each customer’s portrait needs. 

• Provide a creative photography session that delivers variety and choice or portraiture exceeding customer expectations

and create an opportunity to build product options.  

• Share ideas in the viewing process that help the customer select images that meet their needs, including an image for inclusion in the directory.

• Build and price a collection (products, frames, finishes) for each customer that meets their needs. 

• Complete required paperwork and processes timely and accurately to ensure each customer’s order is fulfilled. 

• Thank each customer for their time and ensure any questions they have regarding the photography process have been answered.  





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